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An artist originally from eastern Europe, now residing in Chelsea, Quebec Canada,

Žaneta Pernicova works in mixed media.

Her paintings vary from floral and portrait subjects to abstract and erotic themes.

Media and critics have noted her provocative and memorable style of painting.

Žaneta is heavily involved in the Art scene locally and internationally and sponsors charitable projects.

She works with clients to create brilliant commissioned paintings and celebrates her own vision through her non-commissioned pieces.

Žaneta’s images are in such high demand that she has recently begun issuing limited, signed reproduction by canvas transfer and in print form.

Her work is considered highly collectable as her career continues to shatter many of the preconceptions associated with female artists.

“My work defines itself” says Pernicova, “and any controversy surrounding some of the more adult themed content belongs to the audience.  The work of Art is to provoke feelings and thoughts.  Some people may politicize art but this is purely what they bring to the experience from their own unique perspective. Having said that, when my work does provoke strong reactions, I feel as though my work is successful.”


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