99 Luftballons

Thank you Mom and Dad.  Maminko a tatinku!

As the year has been drawing to an end I am feeling nostalgic about many things.  2011 was a year I would not wish to repeat, but I have 0 regrets.

I had to let go of three friendships which were dear to me at one time.  Over the course of this year. As if a magic carpet ripped from under my feet. I could not understand what went wrong.  These friendships had slowly turned to poison apples as the year progressed.  Allas I am a forgiver and a firm believer that everything happens for a reason.

All obstacles are opportunities.  Dear friends I wish you well….

My parents are the real reason I am writing this today.  This brought on by my father reaching out to me over the holidays after a decade silence.

Thank you dad for teaching me to presevere and mom for the kind heart you nurtured in me.

Bringing us to Canada despite the immigration hardships.  The years of starting over in new countries and the struggle that comes with that.

You did your best and definately made mistakes, but dont we all. 

You raised a strong woman with a heart of gold.

All that I am I will pass on to my children.

Here is to Letting go of the past.  Living in the moment and embracing the future with a glass half full!!

Best in 2012 to all

Peace, Health, Love




visiting my home town for the fist time since immigrating 

circa 1995


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