Nordik SPA In the beginning of my Art career


When I started painting for a living it was a leap of faith.  A leap into the world of nonconformity.  Of uncertain times traded for freedom and the thought of doing something I LOVE with all of my being.


With this leap came along a few opportunities that kept me going and have led me to almost a decade of being  professional Artist.  To date I have painted over 200 paintings.  Mostly in oil.

One of these opportunities was the ability to hang my work at the Nordik Spa.  The owner approached me.  Believed in my work and gave me freedom to create for the space.

My work was there for a few years and I gained much in terms of clients, sales and most importantly confidence to continue on my path as a full time Artist.

The reason I am writing this is because I was at the Nordik Spa last week and I was blown away by the special DJ night

by their new addition to the space.  Inspired by the luxury!

Between the wonderful music and sauna circuit there is also this new ceremony that they perform in the sauna.  It is called Aufguss

It means INFUSSION in German…

This is one to be experienced as it took me to many places….

Being there also brought a happy nostalgic feeling to me.  Without having had that opportunity early in my career, I do not know if I would have continued as it fed me physically by providing consistent sales and creatively by providing a space to show my new work.

I am so Thankfull

Namaste Le Nordik

and Martin!



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