Show LOVE with a stake

I will be in charge of this amazing Community building fundraiser activity at the NECTAR centre where I teach ART.!events

First workshop is this Saturday 1-4 with yours truly.

Come paint with me or take your stake home to decorate with your loved one…

here are the details as advertised

Hope to paint with you soon

Enjoy this delicious day!

Buy A Stake in New Edinburgh Community & Art Centre
Own a piece of NECTAR (Crichton Cultural Community Centre’s NEW NAME!) by staking your claim on our property, literally. We invite you to invade our lawn, grab a stake, build a fence ….and make your creative mark.

NECTAR’s Buy a Stake campaign is all about you making a claim on your community by helping us build a fence made up of stakes featuring your very own artistic touch – the sky is the limit – draw it, paint it, name it, it’s yours! The fence will enclose the north and west sides of NECTAR’s property, including a new community garden. The fence will be put together at a special event on Saturday June 1st.

Not creative enough? No problem! After attending one of our decorating workshops you’ll have all the tools and inspiration you need. You can pick up your stake and art supplies and decorate during the workshops, mingle with your neighbours, and get artsy tips from artist Zaneta Pernicova, a real pro! Or you can take your stake and do the decorating at home.

So grab a friend, a spouse, a family member, a neighbour or you kids and get creative! Stakes go on sale on February 1st – quantities are limited, so don’t wait. See details below.


About the stakes:

•100% cedar with square tops, $50 each (charitable receipts for $40.00 will be issued)
•On sale February 1st at NECTAR, in person or over the phone – 255 Mackay Street 613.745.2742, Monday – Saturday.
About the decorating workshops:

•Saturday February 16th 1pm-4pm
•Saturday March 2nd 1pm-4pm
•Saturday April 6th 1pm-4pm
•Saturday May 25th 1pm-4pm

Volunteers will be on hand to help decorate, if needed.

About the Buy a Stake campaign:

•With your help, we hope to raise $15,000
•Charitable receipts of $40 per stake will be given
•All proceeds going to ensure NECTAR’s New Edinburgh House meets safety and regulation codes as a your community and arts centre


The Crichton Cultural Community Centre has changed it’s name! It is now the NECTAR Centre (New Edinburgh Community and Arts Centre)

COme paint with me


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